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Reseller Hosting Definition

If you do not possess a higher level of PC or website design skills, then ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Hosting Program is exactly what you need to start gaining cash from home. But if you, like a lot of others, are well practiced in reselling web hosting products, then take a look at ResellersPanel's cPanel Hosting Reseller Program. Here is basically how the 2 hosting reseller programs differ from each other.

ResellersPanel's Free Reseller Hosting Program can be used by novices and battle-scarred web hosting resellers alike. ResellersPanel offers you for free everything you need to start your own personal online hosting store. You get a user-friendly point & click user interface to customize and administer your online hosting store, a totally automated billing and customer care platform, and, of course, a big array of shared hosting, cheap domain name extensions, VPS hosting and dedicated servers for you to offer.

And you don't have to contribute a single penny at all! It's all totally free of charge!

And now, a word about ResellersPanel's cPanel Reseller Program. With it, you truly have to know your onions. First off, you pay for the resources you wish to sell, then allot them as you see fit so as to realize maximum profits. You handle the billing and client support provision, and you make use of a more intricate interface to manage your web shop. So, why sign up for the cPanel Program? The primary reason is that your profit-generating potential is endless. Because you pay in advance, you can charge your customers as much as you want for each web hosting product or hosting package you sell to them, as opposed to the Free Reseller Hosting Program, which includes maximum price limits and some other limitations, but it is totally free of cost!

So, have a glimpse now at the two Reseller Hosting programs offered by ResellersPanel and register for the one that suits you best! Make a profit today with!